Why not real quotes and testimonials? Because that would be implying that a real quote is better than one made up by an advertising professional, and that would be a real insult to the profession. After all, the truth is free. And, thus, worthless. Advertising, on the other hand, is a craft that people pay good money for. Thus, it's valuable. Janet wholeheartedly believes that given a choice between truth or advertising, advertising wins every time. And four out of five dentists agree with her.

"We needed the voice of God but we didn't want him to sound like an announcer. Impossible? Thank Christ for Janet Eisenberg."
Leading NY Creative Director

"One creative said, 'The voice should be wry and ironic.' The other creative added, 'Exactly, very soothing, almost zen-like in it's transcendency.' Janet found the perfect voice."
Freelance Producer working for a NY Ad Agency